Cartonplast in packaging:

The proper resistance of carton plast products against humidity, temperature, shock and chemical materials combined with cosmetic appearance makes them among the best choices for box making and packaging the food and pharmaceutical materials and products.

Packaging in carton plast protects the contents against water and humidity while the paper cartons will be damaged and can be harmful for the contents likewise.

Carton plast boxes resist against shock and pressure while the paper made cartons will be ripped and damaged by shock and pressure.

Carton plast boxes will be able to be reused several times while the paper made cartons can be used only once.


Printing on carton plast boxes resist against water and sunlight while the 

printing on paper made boxes are vulnerable against water and sunlight.

Other special advantages of  packaging in carton plast made boxes:


Acids,  chemical materials, detergents, grease, lubricants and oils do not affect them.

Resist against temperature fluctuations from -40c to +80 degrees Celsius.

Recyclable hundred percent.

Delay combustion and prevent reaction between UV materials.

Sheets containing UV stabilizers are resistant against sunlight.

Protect ESD (electrostatic conductive) 





iso 10002









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