Cartonplast in agriculture:

,Among the cases of using carton plast in agriculture, we point to the following items:

•Spaling protector

•Flower bed


•Water channel



•Fruit box

Cartonplast in agriculture as the spaling protector


Pipelines made of poly propylene protect the spaling and later the tree.

Usage and advantages:




•Protecting spaling for better growth against  repair and maintenance, machinery,Herbicide spray, wind and heat.

•Well-being of the roots due to internal environment of the shelter.

•A 30 percent decrease weed management’s costs.

•Proper growth from the cultivate moment.

•Increasing the life of trees.

•Life-length of a shelter differs due to site and climate, but as usual, it will be from 5 to 7 years.

Carto plast usage in greenhouses:

Some advantages of using carton plast in greenhouses are:

Saving time and money:

•When the farmers and producers choose carton plast for covering their new build greenhouse or the one already built, they know that they will save 


money and enjoy a happy ending.

•Carton plast coverage of greenhouse decreases heating costs, likewise the plant grows faster.

•Higher benefit in coverage with high density polyethylene and free maintenance and repair.


•Steady light dissemination without burning or shadow.

•Protecting plants in the hardest climatic conditions.

•Installation both horizontally and 


vertically for decreasing waste and losses.

•Easy flexibility and incline even at the highest point.

•Adequate with all lightweight greenhouses.

•Easy set up and use screws in overlap points.

•Easy washing and disinfecting of the covers.

•The lack of mold and moss growth.

Carton plast in agriculture as vase:

•Carton plast sheets are anti- sect and water proof.

•Making vase of this stuff is an innovative idea.

•These vases can be used in ceremonies and inaugurations and even in the garden.

•They are cost- effective too.


Some examples




iso 10002









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