in the construction industry

Today, the use of cardboard in the construction industry has increased significantly due to the most economical options for developers due to its widespread use in the industry.

The use of cardboard in the construction industry:


• Moisture insulation;

• Toning;


• Fence and fences;

•Dropped ceilings;

• Finishing and casting.


1. Lightweight

2. A wide palette of colors;

3. Resistance to open environment and acidity;

4. Absence of moisture absorption by concrete;

5. Easy application;

6. High physical strength.

Advantages of cardboard formwork:

• Ability to cut with a cutting blade of arbitrary shape;

• Fully polished surface forms;

• Does not stick to cement and concrete;

• No effect of open chemical and acidic agents on the cardboard;

• Increasing the strength of concrete due to moisture absorption;

• Easy formwork removal;

• Reusable use of plastic sheets;

• Slight striking when dismantling the formwork;

• The simultaneous use of pillars and arrows allows you to ensure the safety of materials;

• The lowest labor costs due to the ease of formwork;

• The ability to create easy and safe seismic structure and natural disasters.

Some examples





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