Recycling industry nowadays has gained increasing importance in protecting  the environment and human health.

In our country the recycling industry is at its first steps and recently there are some efforts for recycling and reproducing various products and one of the most important of them is the paper recycling.

Due to the limitation of forest resources and trees 

in our country, paper recycling plays a vital role in preserving and protecting natural resources.

Producing one ton of paper requires 17 trees, so if every person collects his waste papers, it equals one and half trees, and if all Iranians do so, it means not cutting 100millions of trees.

Thus, paper recycling, addition to economic interests, will cause independence in pulp imports, reducing pollution, preventing tree cutting and helping systems for 

collecting and discarding rubbish.

Carton plast-e Majd is proud for cooperation in this national purpose by producing recycle bins in various designs and dimensions for paper recycling.


Some examples




iso 10002









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