Cartonplast in the construction industry:

Using cartonplast in the construction industry has been increased so much and because of the vast use in this 

field, is one of the cost- effective choices for performers.

Among the advantages of using carton plast in the construction industry, we can point to:

1.Easy performance

2.Not absorbing of concrete humidity

3.Acid and base resistant

4.Lightness and various colors


Cartonplast usage in the construction industry:

5.Sound insulation

6.Humidity insulation

7.Frame for pouring concrete foundation

8.Partition wall building 

9.Fencing and safeguarding

10.False ceiling

11.Decorating and formatting



The advantages of formatting by carton plast:

1.The possibility of cutting by cutter blade to custom shapes

2.The surface of the mold, shiny and smooth

3.Nonstick surface against concrete

4.Resistance against chemical materials like acid and base

5.Enhancing the rigidity of concrete by keeping its humidity and not absorbing it

6.Bringing out the molds easily

7.The capability of reusing used sheets

8.Simultaneous accomplishing of piers and beam because of the lightness of the molds, so it will save materials and human resources

9.The possibility of constructing light and safe structures against earthquakes










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