A roll sheet of carton plast is produced from polypropylene polymer in a continuous process.


 It is made of two flat sheets connected to each other by vertical plates.

 Physical durability and chemical resistance of polypropylene polymer, made it ideal for a broad spectrum of purposes.


Specifications are as follows:


-       Shock resistant.

 -       Easy to cut.

 -       Easy to install.

-       Humidity resistant.

 -       Strong and durable.

 -       Electricity insulator.

 -       Lightweight.

 -       Hygienic.

 -       Odorless

 -       Nontoxic

 -       Flexible

 -       Resistant against a broad spectrum of chemicals including acid and base.

 -       Anti- decay.

 -       Anti-mold, antifungal, anti-stain.

 -       100percent recyclable.

The unique specifications of the sheet of carton plast, make it be

used in different industries, in the sensitive and strategic points:


-       Produced sheet with conductivity property ( electrostatic conductive)

 -       Produced sheet with anti-static property ( reducing dust particle absorption)

 -       Produced sheet with anti-bacterial property ( completely disinfectant)

 -       Produced sheet with the slow-burning property ( non-flaming)


Produced sheet with sunlight resistance 

property ( more lasting outdoors) 





Some examples




iso 10002









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