Boards and signals

It is clear that in an industrial site, the safety of the labors and also the visitors, is the responsibility of the employer
Security warning boards and signs, are the cheapest and simplest way for preventing dangers in many places
Traffic boards are used in highways, roads and streets determine legal obligations and traffic rules, also to notice probable dangers
Traffic boards are made of different materials and in different shapes, but recently there are boards and signs made of carton plast sheets in 3 to 5 or 6 mm thickness
You can print on the surface of these sheets by colors contain UV which can resist against direct sunlight and tough weather conditions. They also resist against solvents and other chemicals
These sheets are a proper alternative to heavy galvanized or even aluminium sheets, also reflective sheets made in the US, Japan, Korea and China

In major industries it is not possible to introduce hazards without safety signs

Major industries have wide environments and there are many hazards also
In these environments, it is almost impossible for all workers to get familiar with all the dangers in different places and avoid them
In the other hand, some workers may be transferred from a section to the other and have no enough time to get familiar with probable hazards
By installing safety signs in a work environment, you can introduce the dangers to them
It is recommended, that health and safety officials identify unsafe and dangerous conditions and install safety signs at the proper points

Traffic boards and signs are as follows

The traffic boards and signs for safety help and road determiner
The traffic boards and signs for points and places
Traffic signs for driving safety


Water resistant
Shock resistant
Environment friendly
Easy to transport
Different dimensions according to requirement

Competitive Advantages

These kind of sheets due to their low costs compared with galvanized and aluminium sheets, are ideal for long term purposes, as they are so for only few day's plans
These sheets can be used in demonstrations and election campaign


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 10002:2004
ISO 14001:2004

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